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Have you ever been hurt deeply?

Many have, and many more will be as life continues. One of the hardest things a wounded personal deals with is the time it takes for the wound to heal. Some wounds heal faster than others. Some wounds will leave scars and some will not. Each person must let their wound heal the way it should. Maybe your wound was very visible and there is a scar that will forever been seen by those you come in contact with or who come in contact with you.

Accept it, and realize that everything is God filtered.

Maybe your wound is not visible, but it was inward and there is no visible scar for others to ask, “what happened?” To you, I would encourage you to use your testimony when the moments present themselves and let your hurt be a testimony to others who may be struggling with what you faced. Learn to let your wound, though healed and now a memory, be a tool by which others can be encouraged to carry on.

As Christians we quickly find that being wounded is part of the battle. Maybe you struggle with anger toward the one, or those, who inflicted the injury upon you. You must quickly evaluate if the anger you feel is righteous or unrighteous. “Be ye angry and sin not…” is possible, but far too often, the anger that we are experiencing has nothing to do with our Heavenly Father, nor the Spirit that lives within us, but is fleshly and therefore sinful. Anger can quickly turn to hatred, and that hatred will grow into bitterness.

Bitterness will never affect those who initially wounded you, but it will eventually cause injury to those who sincerely love you and are close to you.

Friends, people are people. Never let the vicious acts of a few determine how you will view the rest of the world. Never stop walking with the Lord. Read His word – letting Him talk to you. Learn to pray without ceasing – living in the mindset of prayer as you talk to your Heavenly Father.

Do not “hole-up” somewhere and let what has happened to you keep you from helping others find their way to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. View all things through the lens of God’s precious word and you will quickly find that there are people everywhere who need the Lord, they need an encouraging word, and they need to get that from you.

As I close this blog, I would like to encourage you to let what you have faced teach you whatever lesson God has for you to learn. Take the punches, get up off the mat when knocked down, and stay in the fight. You may get winded, your wounds may put you on the sidelines so that you can recover, but do not grow content sitting out – every soldier of the cross is needed in the fight.

Do not become a whiner! Learn to praise God in the good times and the bad. Ephesians 5:19-21 shows us that there are inward, and even outward signs so that the believer can evaluate if they are Spirit-filled. Being Spirit-filled has nothing to do with a saved believer getting more of the Spirit (you received all the Spirit you were going to get when you got saved), but being filled with the Spirit has everything to do with Spirit of God getting more of you. How does one know of they are Spirit-filled? Well, here are three things (of which there are many more, but these are here in Ephesians…)

1. PERSONAL Song will be right (vs.19) “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs…” that song in your heart won’t be worldly, but heavenly. ***What song is in your heart today?

2. PERSPECTIVE of Thankfulness Changes (vs.20) – you learn to be thankful for “all things.” ***Are you thankful for EVERYTHING?

3. PUBLIC Relationships are Good (vs.21) – “Submitting yourselves one to another…”  When you are Spirit-filled you will submit to the authority God has placed in your life and not always challenge them. ***Is there an authority in your life that you are rebelling against?

Press on my friend! Jesus is coming soon!! Nothing you face is ever too big for our Lord.