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In order to have a solid Christian life we MUST ensure that we have a set time that we walk with the Lord each day.

A spiratic walk with God will result in an unstable Christian life.

The Lord has done so much for us and He deserves quality time with His children.

As a father I would be hurt deeply if my children rushed by me each day without taking time to actually speak with me.  I love it when my kids will sit and just talk about their day, their dreams, their wishes, and even ask questions about mine.  Now, I am not a perfect parent, and there have been times when they want to talk and it was right in the middle of something that was time sensitive; or if distracted, would hinder the flow of what I was doing at that moment.

God is not like that at all!  There is never a time that I will approach God and He will be “in the flow” of a project and has to set me to the side until He is done.  I am human – He is not! Praise the Lord for that!!  The Lord loves when we want to spend time with Him.

Matter of fact, truth be told, the Lord would want us to spend MORE time with Him each day.

Over the years I, like you, have found myself extremely busy and there have been times that I have failed to walk as closely with the Lord as I would desire.  I do not write the following as an expert, but as a human-being who has had to learn, re-evaluate, and often re-adjust my life so that I might get back to the most import thing of my day – my walk with God.

Ten ideas for quality time with the Lord…

  1. Set a specific time each day! Each day I get up and know that there is a set time that I will open my Bible and let God talk to me.  There is also a set time that I will close my Bible and talk with the Lord.  I have found that when I miss this scheduled time the rest of my day is off!  Let me encourage you to have a set time each day that you meet the Lord.
  2. Have a specific place.  I like going to the same place every day where I open my Bible and pray.  There is just something about that place.  In Scripture it is called the “prayer closet.” (Matthew 6:6)  If I am on vacation, or away for a preaching meeting I have found that readjusting to a new place just doesn’t feel like “home.”  There is just something about the same place each and every day.  Praise the Lord He will meet with us wherever we are at and no matter the time.
  3. Eliminate distractions. If you are anything like me, once I open the computer to check emails, look at my phone and see the missed messages, or start thinking about the projects of my day, I find that my mind has a hard time focusing on the word of God and the things that God would have for me that day.  Get alone with God! Leave your phone, keep your computer closed, and just grab your Bible, a notepad, a pen, and get with GOD!  I use the notebook for several things: to just down “seed thoughts” and also to jot down things I remember while I am in my “quiet time” with the Lord.
    • Isn’t it true that our memory works best when we are with the Lord?  Here’s what I mean…I will think of the things that I had forgot to do when I am with the Lord.  I will think of things that I am supposed to pick up that day, calls I failed to return, and people I need to talk to that day while I am with the Lord.
    • So, rather than worry (yes I said worry) about forgetting those things I will jot them down so that I can move on with my time with God.
  4. Read according to a Schedule or Structured Plan.  The idea that you just open the Bible and read where is not a smart approach to your daily time with God.  The Lord is a God of order and therefore we should adhere to doing things “decently and in order” as He instructs us to do in I Corinthians 14:40 when He says that all things should be done in this manner.
    • I am a fan of each believer reading their Bible through each year.  Now, I do not think that everyone needs to read through the Bible the same way each year.
    • This year I am going through Scripture looking at each time a character of Scripture obeyed God.  One thing that is very interesting to me is this – everyone who obeys God the first time receives added blessings, but those that obeyed God after they failed to obey the first time receive the blessing of God’s mercy toward them in allowing them to try again.  Now, that it a quick synopsis of the overall truths that I I am finding, but I will tell you this…obedience to God is a necessity if our relationship with God is to be what God desires it to be.
    • When you read according to a scheduled or structured approach you will find yourself longing to get back to the place where you left off the next day.
  5. Read until you get something.  Another way this could be said is this, “read until God get’s a hold of you!”  It is a shame when you can read and read and get nothing of spiritual value that you can take through your day.  By the way, that is your fault, not God’s.
    • Before I start reading I will always ask the Lord to reveal any unconfessed sin that may hinder me from hearing from heaven.
    • Before I begin reading I will also ask the Lord to give me something that I need for the day that will unfold before me.
  6. Define words that you do not understand. While reading scripture there are going to be times when you come upon a word of which you may not know the meaning.  First, let me recommend that you ask your pastor about study tools that he would recommend.  Recently someone asked me why I use the Noah Webster 1928 dictionary as one of my study tools.  The answer for that, to me, is simple.  The Noah Webster 1828 dictionary was completed around (not exactly but around) the same time as the English language reached it “perfected stage.”  By that I simply mean that the letters of the alphabet were now settled into the twenty-six that we still use today.
    • The King James Bible is the inspired, inherent, and infallible word of God.  These words are preserved for the English speaking people in the King James Version.
    • If you are saved then the Spirit will reveal to you the meaning of the words of God as you read them.  Matter of fact, the Spirit will open your eyes to the scriptures as you need them too.  This is why when reading over and over, year after year, you will find that you reach new depths and the insight that the Spirit gives you is fresh every time.
    • BE CAREFUL!! As preachers of old have said, “the Bible does not need to be redefined or rewritten – it needs to be reread!”
    • Sometimes people will define the Bible contrary to what the Bible actually says. II Peter 1:20 states, “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.”
  7. Listen to the Bible being read while you read it.  Sometimes it helps to listen to the Bible being read while you read along.  If you are one that gets easily distracted while reading, or maybe you struggle with reading, then download a King James Bible app that allows it to be read to you.  Read along. There is nothing wrong with this practice.  There are many times that I will select the “read aloud” option on my Bible app.  I will read along while with my earbuds in as the app reads aloud.  I cannot tell you how many times I will see things in the scripture that I have never seen before because someone is reading it to me.
  8. Highlight or mark things that “jump out” of the passage.  It has long been said, “mark your Bible and let your Bible mark you.” There is just something about underlining, highlighting, or jotting a note beside a passage of Scripture.  Many times there will be a phrase that repeats itself and I will go back to the place where I read it before and “map my Bible” by putting the other reference beside the passage so that I can easily reference from place to place at a later date.
  9. Meditate on what you read throughout the day.  As you leave your “prayer closet” make sure that you are taking something with you that you received from your time with God.  It is a very special moment when God give you something to carry with you.  God loves to speak to His children and He longs for His children to acknowledge His word follow after His teaching.
    • Joshua 1:8, “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”
    • Psalm 1:2, “But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.”
  10. Read it when you are on the mountain just as much as when you are in the valley.  Sad, but true, is the fact that many will only devour scripture when they find themselves in a hopeless situation.  I wish that I could say this has never been the case for me, but I would be lying.  Over the years of my life there have been times when I did not read the Bible on the mountain tops of life as much as I did while in the valleys.
    • The mountain tops of life are to prepare you for the next valley.
    • The valleys of life are where you will do your most growing.
    • Both mountains and valleys have their lessons – and we must learn them while we are there or we are destined to have to repeat the valley and mountains that we have already traveled.
    • If you will learn to long for God’s word no matter where you are in life you will find that you are more prepared for both valley or mountain tops.  Another thing you will find is that your spirit will not be as affected when going through a valley because you have been preparing for that valley and you did not even know it.

People do not make it through the valley of life because they are stronger than someone else who failed to make it through their valley.

No, the one who makes it through their valley, when someone else may not have, makes it because they maintained a consistent walk with God on the mountain top and thus were prepared for the valley when it arrived in their life.

Here are just ten simple ideas for your walk with God.  These are not “the only ways” to have a quality walk with God, but these eight work for me and have worked for me for many years.  I wanted to encourage you to have a scheduled approach to your walk with God.  Be careful when you deviate from what works for you when it comes to your relationship with the Lord.

I have learned that when I stray from my daily routine I often get less out of my time with the Lord.

I have also found that when my walk with God is rushed my day seems to be rushed and I am not spiritually prepared to deal with the situations that present themselves that day.

I enjoy studying the Scripture.  I love when the Spirit opens up a truth and I have the opportunity apply it to my life or a situation in my life that very day. Learn to love your time with God and you will find yourself desiring to meet with your Heavenly Father each day,