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We live in a remarkable world! There are cell phones, computers, tablets and all sorts of tools that equip us with all the technology known to man. Technology can be used for good and bad. So, just because someone uses technology for bad does not make the technology bad.

With technology came social media.

Social media has given anyone and everyone a platform. No matter the age of the individual, if they have social media, and if they have followers, they have a platform from which to herald whatever they wish whenever they want.

People will always be people. From the creation of man-kind we saw that man was created with a free will. Though we wish that everyone would choose to do right and we would desire that everyone would use their free will to follow our Lord – that is just not the case; never has been and never will be!

Though not everyone will choose to follow after the Lord that does not mean that I have to follow suit. In the midst of those times when it seems as though our world is turning upside-down we must quickly remember that GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL!

As we speak of God being in control I would like to emphasis that this blog is designed to talk to the person who is living their life for the Lord, following after Him, yielded to Him, and in diligent pursuit of His will at the very moment when everything in their life takes a sudden turn and it seems like their life is falling apart.

God does not forget His children!

Sometimes His children walk away from Him and He does what is necessary to get them back in line. Then there are times the Lord allows things into our lives that are not necessarily for us, but are for those who may be watching us.

Sadly, there are people who need to learn a lesson, but the Lord, in His infinite wisdom knows that they would not be able to handle a problem. So, He delegates the lesson to someone who He knows CAN handle it. As a Christian, our mindset and heart’s desire must be, “Lord, if you need to use my life to help someone else then I am willing, yielded, and ready for whatever you need from me.”

The Lord knows how much you can take and He knows what it will take to get you through. We are made for God’s pleasure. He can do whatever, whenever He wants, with us – we are His!

He knows where you are at all times.

He knows what you are going through at all times. He knows when your heart is broken. He knows when your dreams have been shattered. He knows the tears you cry. HE KNOWS!

He knew what He was doing when He allowed the trial to enter your life.

At the moment of every trial we quickly begin to evaluate if this has been allowed because of sin. Well, evaluate that! Are you going through what you are facing because of sin? If so, get it right with God and man!

However, as you evaluate the WHY of the situation you may determine that it is not because of sin that this trial has entered your life. Do we get bitter, angry, or start blaming people? Absolutely NOT!!

The Lord knows what He is doing! We trusted Him to save us; we must trust Him to keep us!

Once we trust Christ as our Saviour we are sealed until the day of redemption. He keeps us in the palm of His hand, and no man can pluck us from His hand!

What a mighty God we serve!

When my world is turned completely upside -down, and it seems like everything is spinning out of control, it is the Lord that will keep me safe, keep my marriage together, and keep my children from getting bitter!

The Lord is always in control UNTIL we take the controls back.

Oh, the danger we bring into our lives when we start to take control of all that is going on in our lives. It is dangerous and disastrous.

Trust in the Lord! He is always right! He was right when He made man! He was right when He made Cain! He was right when Joseph entered the pit, Potiphar’s house, and the prison. He was right when He allowed the children of Israel to live in Egypt! He was right when He allowed Job to lose everything! He was right when He chose Judas as a disciple! He was right when He allowed Himself to be crucified! He was right when He allowed His disciples to be tortured and martyred! He was right when He allowed John to be boiled in oil! Our Lord is ALWAYS right!