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As I sit here on a plane flying home I have to admit that I was a little frustrated when I found out that I had erred in selecting my seat when booking my tickets and chose a window seat instead of an aisle. However, as I sit here and look out the window it is such a beautiful clear sky allowing me to see to the ground below.

After getting over my frustration and realizing that people have far greater problems in this world than me not getting an aisle seat I begin to think about the viewpoint of the Lord.

So often, in my life I find myself trying to figure something out, and feeling as though there is just no clear answer. It is during those times that the Lord does His best work! You see, God has the “window seat” view of all that is going on in my life. Looking below I can see the road ways and where they connect; I can see the housing tracks and how they are so nicely organized; I can see the majesty of the Lord in the hills and mountains, and I can even see the farmland and how the large plots of land have been sectioned off and harvested as the Fall season turned to Winter. The view from here allows me to see so much more than I would see from the ground.

Our Lord has this view for every event in my life. Maybe you are facing some frustrating times in your life. Maybe you feel as though there is no way out of the situation that you find yourself in today. Maybe you are about to make a decision that has not been bathed in prayer because your faith is waning. If that is the case, may I encourage you to make sure that you are right with God! Remember that God see’s where you have come from, what’s all around you, and what is in your future. His vantage point is far better than ours!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart!