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As staff there should always be the desire to answer the call, text or email of our Pastor. There should not be a desire to answer it tomorrow or when you get around to it!!

There needs to be a desire to pick up the call, quickly return the text, or promptly respond to the email received so that we might lighten his load, accept another task, answer a question, listen to the blessing he wants to share, or just to prove we are available!

If, by some chance, you are a staff man and when your Pastor’s name comes up on the phone, text, or email your first thought is to ignore it, delay in replying to it, or roll your eyes (inwardly) with the thought of “what now?” YOU NEED TO GET YOUR HEART RIGHT WITH THE LORD AND YOUR PASTOR.

If this blog is “hitting close to home” then please read the rest of this article.

1. Make sure you are walking with God in prayer and Bible study daily.
2. Pray for your pastor many times a day.
3. Evaluate your vision and make sure that you have not allowed it to separate from your Pastor’s vision.
4. Look at your friends, or those you hang around, and quickly evaluate how they are toward the Pastor in word and deed. If they are negative toward his stand, direction and leadership – GET RID OF THOSE FRIENDS.
5. Are you faithful in tithes and offerings? If not, you have a heart problem. (Matthew 6:21)
6. Are you listening in church or do you just sit there and think about all you have to do when services are done? STOP IT! We all need preaching.
7. Have you been disappointed in a ministry decision that resulted in someone else being selected instead of you? GET OVER IT! Don’t let disappointments lead to you being offended. “Great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them.” Psalm 119:165. The word offend means to “knock or get off track”
8. Are you a soul-winning? Soul-winning allows us to take our eyes off of our own needs, concerns or problems for a brief time. Oh, our burden, need or concern will be there when we return, but when you are soul-winning you cannot help but detach yourself from your personal problems as you take time to focus on someone’s eternal problem. If you go soul-winning for an hour and a half that would be an hour and a half that you have disconnected yourself from the issue that you are facing. When you pick it back up you will have a fresh perspective and often a renewed desire to keep on keeping on for the Lord.
9. What kind of music are you listening too? If you are going one direction and your pastor is going another then there will be greater and greater division as you continue down your path. Music is a mood and the music we listen to is often a reflection of our mood. Be careful what music you allow to influence your heart. Stick with the Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual songs.
10. If you have grown distant from your pastor; it is up to you to bridge the gap and close the growing divide. He has many many people he is ministering too. He may not have time for coffee, lunch or an hour long meeting to listen to you whine!!

**By the way DON’T BE A WHINER!!!**

Listen to him in meetings, in church and in casual conversation. Learn his heart. Thank God you have a pastor who has labored so that you could have a job. Learn ways that you can be a blessing to him. Love is action!!

In closing, I understand that there is family time, date time and vacation when answering the phone, text, and email will be more delayed than the average day. Please use discernment when reading this and understand that in no way do we put our Pastor before marriage and family.  Even your pastor does not expect that!

This blog is simply to say that the times come when a staff member struggles. That does not mean it is time to go! Sometimes it means the exact opposite! Sometimes it is time to stay and figure out what MY problem is and stop thinking everyone else is the problem.