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We live in a generation of young people, and adults alike, that are putting their will before God and their dreams before God’s desires. We walk through life as though we are FREE to do whatever we want, whenever we want, and however we want to do it!

Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

Isaiah 14:12-15, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! [13] For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: [14] I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. [15] Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.”

In I Kings chapter one we find the account of Adonijah, a son of David, whose life teaches us some valuable lessons.

He Was Self-Appointed (vs.5)

Adonijah had the right to SAY what he said, but he did not have the right to DO what he did. He found himself in the midst of a time of great uncertainty in amidst the nation of Israel. David, their king and man after God’s own heart, was on his death bed and it was apparent that the day of his death (though uncertain) was drawing night.

Adonijah was a son of David, and according to the lineage would have the right to say what he said. More than likely he took the time to review the line of succession and was confident that what he was doing was well within the parameters of “his right.” He even found a religious leader, Abiathar (a priest), to join and support his cause. Surely, he was doing the right thing! Or, was he?

Just because he had Joab, some friends, a priest of the nation, and friends who were agreement with his actions to assume the leadership role of kind did not make what he was doing right. You see, he was self-appointed.

We live in a time when there are many self-appointed leaders who have not the power of God, nor the approval of God upon their life or ministry. We have young people who are surrendering to the ministry because it looks “cool” and there are many who celebrate their surrender and they praise them, but they fail to remember that if this is not a Spirit-led calling then the “calling” is nothing more than pride run amuck.

Yes, we want our young people to surrender to the call of God and look at the ministry as a wonderful opportunity to serve the King of kings. BUT FRIEND, the Lord is not going to call some kid or even an adult who is living in sin, running from the Lord, and rebelling against his leadership. The Spirit would lead them to get right first!

Adonijah was self-appointed and it was obvious the he knew there would be those who were not for his steps in taking the throne because he surrounded himself by those who would tell him what he wanted to hear and never went to, nor did he invite, those who would tell him what he needed to hear.

He Was Supported By Friends (vs.6,7)

Friends are great, but they do not always make great counselors. Now, lest you think that I am say that they can never make great counselors you are incorrect. This would lead into the topic of what are “friends” and we are not addressing that today. However, I feel it needful to point out that “real” friends are not those that support your error, but they will point it out and do everything within their power to keep you from acting or advancing your error.

The support of friends does not validate your self-appointment! When we are not following after God and then choose to do something drastic – it brings great comfort to gather our “friends” or may I say our “cheering section” around ourselves so that we can feel that we are doing the right thing when we really are not!

Just because there are people who support you does not mean that your decision was right. It is so important, it is imperative, that we have godly counselors in our life and that we seek their counsel when major decisions loom in our path. There is safety in the multitude of counselors (that’s Bible).

Too many people seek advice from people who never seek the face of God! Let me take it a step further; too many people seek the advice of people before ever seeking the face of God for themselves. Shame on us for going to others before we ever go to God.

He Was Separated from Leadership (vs.8-10)

As Adonijah assumes the throne, before his father David had even died, he rallies a crowd around himself, but there was a group who he did not invite to the coronation. Is it not interesting that he failed to invite Nathan the prophet, Beniah and the other mighty men of David, and he did not invite his half-brother Solomon. Speculation would say that there had been word that Solomon would be the next king and that Adonijah was trying to “get what was his” according to the law before David could appoint Solomon as God had pre-ordained, but that is not the troubling part. No, the troubling part of this passage is that Adonijah separated himself from the leadership who God had used greatly in his father’s life.

Whenever you start doing your own thing you will always separate yourself from the proven leadership that has personally impacted your family through the years. When you have your own agenda and you do not want to create any waves that could hinder you from accomplishing your own dreams – you will always fail to invite and choose to avoid those who have the touch of God upon them.

As a younger (though no longer the youngest) man in the ministry I never want to separate myself from the men of God who have been validated by the Holy Spirit to have the touch of God upon their lives. When the younger generation of spiritual leaders seem to have a different view of God’s power than the older generation of Spiritual leaders – I will stick with the older generation. I believe that we ought to use the tools of our day to advance the cause of Christ such as: computers, social media, sound systems, professionally designed materials, and many other cutting-edge tools. HOWEVER, I do not believe that any tools should ever replace soulwinning, fiery preaching, old-time hymns, and the old-time religion.

Yes, there are many who will argue about the old-time way and mock the old-paths that we travel, but that is their problem – not mine. We must choose to not waste our breath refuting their error of their ways unless the error of their ways begins to impact my family, my ministry, or the areas that God has given me to steward for Him.

It is dangerous to run with the crowd of preachers who push the old-preachers to side and mock their stands. It is dangerous territory when we start quoting the ecumenical crowd and stop quoting our Independent, Fundamental Baptist fore-fathers. YES, I am all for quoting Scripture and we need to do that a whole lot more; but I am also for referencing the men of God through the ages who have traveled the old-paths.

Be careful separating yourself from leadership! Adonijah created his own leadership team and it got him in trouble.

He Never Sought Wisdom of the King (vs.11-40)

All through Scripture we will find that God used “earthly authority” to help guide His people. Proverbs 24:21 states, “My son, fear thou the LORD and the king…”. That phrase gives evidence that there is a Heavenly authority that we must respect, but there is also an earthly authority that we should respect.

You may not agree with everything some leaders have done, but you can still show respect. Adonijah NEVER went to the sitting king to ask his blessing before he planned the ceremony that would crown himself king. What more proof would we need to say that Adonijah was wrong?

Godly counsel is imperative as we serve the Lord! If you have served the Lord for any length of time you will agree that God does not always do things according to our plan. Who we seek counsel from is so important.

In I Kings chapter 12 Rehoboam made such a grave mistake when he chose to listen to “the young men that were grown up with him…”. The older men had given some sound advice based on experience, but because his friends counsel made more sense and emphasized his leadership in a better way (or so he thought) he went with the counsel of the younger and got himself into a mess! Be wise in who you seek counsel from!

He Found Safety in Repentance (vs.50-53)

You know the story, Nathan and Bathsheba develop a plan and approach the dying king with the problems that has been created by Adonijah. David takes steps to appoint Solomon king by giving specific instructions to Nathan the prophet, Zadok the priest, and two of the protective groups that provided security for David (the Cherithites and Pelethites) and Solomon is announced to be the next king.

God’s will is always accomplished in-spite of the errors and foolishness of man!

Adonijah knows that he has done wrong and that his life is in jeopardy because of what he has done. So, he goes and grabs hold of the horns of the altar (I Kings 1:50) and when Solomon hears of it he sends for Adonijah and spares his life.

The condition that Solomon placed on Adonijah living was that he be “a worthy man” or a well-mannered man. What’s the point you ask? Adonijah got right with Solomon. He agrees to live a “worthy” life and Solomon sends him back home to live out his life.

There is just something special about repentance. We have all done things in our life that required us to go and get right. I think it is imperative for a person who has done wrong to get right with God and those who have been wronged. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting right with people who have been hurt by our actions.

Maybe you are reading this today and your decisions have brought you to a place where you are outside of the will of God because you have done what you wanted to do and not followed after God – get right!

We need Christians who are fully surrendered to God and willing to do what God wants for us to do and to do it the way God wants it to be done! We need more people to be God-appointed and less people being self-appointed!

Be careful what you say “I will be…” Adonijah fely he had the right to do what he did, but he quickly discovered what he thought was “his right” was contrary to what God had planned.

When your “rights” are in conflict with God’s plan and God’s word – you are wrong.