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Serving the Lord is such a wonderful experience. Serving the Lord as a staff or church member can quickly lose its appeal and luster if we are not careful to maintain a walk with God. Too often, staff or church members become disillusioned with the ministry in which they serve because of complacency, carelessness, or callousness. The ministry truly is GREAT! However, with that greatness come trials and blessings, mountains and valleys, good times and difficult times; and there will be times of plenty and times of famine. May we as staff and church members be slow to think that the grass is greener, the waters are calmer, or another ministry could solve all of our problems. I am proof that sometimes God relocates, but we must make sure that our leading to move on is a result of spiritual leading and not personal frustrations.

How to Become a Frustrated Staff or Church Member…

1. Stop remembering the joy you had when you were offered the position you hold today.
2. Lose your ministry mentality and develop a selfish mentality. (Don’t make everything all about you!)
3. Start looking at corrective criticism as a personal attack.
4. Start developing your own vision and stop embracing your pastor’s.
5. Only walk with God so that you have something to teach instead of something to live.
6. Make close friendships with those of a critical or wounded spirit.
7. Only go soul winning out of duty, not out of desire.
8. Focus on what you do not have instead of rejoicing in what you do have.
9. Start uniting with other church staff or church members that have the same gripes as you.
10. Become content with what you are doing and lose your desire to do more.
11. Forget that your heroes are human. When their humanity shows through, and it will, you will become disillusioned.
12. Start looking OUT for yourself instead of looking UP to the Lord.
13. Develop the “Elijah Syndrome” and begin to think that you are the only one doing it right.
14. Fail to pray for your pastor and pastor’s wife daily.
15. Stop utilizing the altar on a regular basis.
16. Let the priorities in your life get out of order.
17. Starting lording over people instead of leading them.
18. Stop taking preaching personally. (Always think it is for someone else.)
19. Look at your burdens more than your blessings.
20. Start viewing your responsibilities as menial.
21. Compare yourself with other staff members.
22. Look at social media too much.
23. Stop looking for ways to make your area of ministry better.
24. Fellowship with those who feed your gripes instead of those who sharpen your countenance.
25. Fail to realize that, if you look for flaws, you can find them in any ministry.